Opencart: Change Numerical Input Format From Decimal Point to Comma

OpencartRecently I started playing around with the Opencart web-store and was wondering how to change the input format of prices from decimal point do decimal comma in administration intercace (eg. when entering new products or altering the existing ones).

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Open 'admin/controller/catalog/product.php'
  2. Search for the following lines:
    'price'      => $result['price'],
    'special'    => $special['price'],

    Sometimes the second line is different than the one above but is located within the same array!
  3. Change these two to:
    'price'      => $this->currency->format($result['price']),
    'special'    => $this->currency->format($special['price']),
  4. Save 'admin/controller/catalog/product.php'
  5. Refresh your admin interface (Ctrl+R / Cmd+R) and here you go.

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