Adobe PDFMaker output from Word - some graphs missing

Microsoft Word is great text processing software but sometimes problems occur while doing simple everyday tasks, keeping users puzzled what went wrong and how to correct it. My latest troubleshooting session began when I noticed that outputting a Word (docx) file into a PDF using the PDFMaker plugin for Word, this plugin comes with Acrobat Pro X, would not output all of the images included in the original document.

Adobe PDFMaker - what is it?

Adobe PDFMaker is a plugin for outputting files into PDF format that can have restricted permission and many other useful functions, like clickable TOC entries.

The Solution

Changing file format of the word document from docx to doc (for Word 97-2003) seems to resolve the issue. After that choosing the Acrobat Tab and then clicking the "Create PDF" button produces a PDF file with everything included.

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