Windows 8/8.1 - free disk space on drive/partition slowly disappearing without any new files copied or software installed

Recently I noticed that one of my partitions started losing space and there were no new programes installed or files copied to it.

How come? What is going on?

After a lot of digging into the matter -- and occupied space still growing -- I discovered the culprit was the System Information Folder, where Windows stores all sorts of data, such as restore images etc.

And then I started googling for solutions.

What next?

The System Information Folder is hidden, so, to see it, you must have the Hidden protected operating system files shown.

Now you can check how much space the System Information Folder is taking up.

Freeing up the space

Run the command prompt in elevated (administator) mode.

When cmd opens, enter the following command:

vssadmin Delete Shadows /All (To delete all shadow copies)
Delete Shadows /For=ForVolumeSpec [/Oldest] [/Quiet] (Delete the oldest shadow copies)

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